How long after eating should i wait before doing YOGA?

The question of how long to wait before jumping on the yoga matt after eating comes up a lot when we first start doing yoga.  The reason is most people new to yoga might not have made it to a yoga class on a  full stomach.  Something that I myself have done and it changed my ideas on eating on the spot. Really the answer is that it is completely up to you and your body and if you are aware and sensitive to its signals they will tell you exactly when to nourish your self and when it it safe to play.  Your body is your best road map for all things YOGA.  Developing the somatic ear to listen to what the body needs comes in time, with a gentle consistent practice.  So with that said the, waiting time is different for everyone.  There are some general guide lines though that can help you not make some of the mistakes I mad as a beginner. The number one most important thing is to eat light and listen to your body.  If you can do this your already be happy……. your doing yoga already.  If your not at that point dont worry, in time you will develop the sensitivity as well.  Start where you are now!!

So if you eating meat or anything that comes from fast food or out of the freezer your most likely going to  need to wait about 2-3 hours.  This gives the food time to completely digest.  These foods are low in nutrition and high in calories and bulk which make them hard to break down and eliminate.

If you are eating health greens, fruits, and veggies you should only have to wait 2 to 1.5 hours before doing an asana (yoga posture) class.  These food are high in nutrition and low in bulk and digest very easily through your body.

If you are just taking in Juice and or Smoothie style food you might only need to wait about 45 minutes before starting your yoga practice.  These food are high in nutrition and when blended become pre-digested foods which are very east to digest.

Remember listen to you body.  If you drink a smoothie and 2 hours later still feel full then you need to wait longer.  On the flip side, if you can handle meat or processed food and in an hour feel light and ready to move then go with that.  The body will tell you.

Most important thing is to feel good and light before starting the practice.  Weight in the stomach and in the body will make the ASANA practice counter productive.  The body does not want to digest food at the same time as meditation and asana.  So dont do them together!!!!!

Enjoy Your Yoga and listen to Your BODY!!!


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One Response to How long after eating should i wait before doing YOGA?

  1. Sangi says:

    Excellent. Just I wanted to hear. No hard and fast rules. Listen to your body. Most of the times I do feel light after a meal and wonder how long should I wait to do yoga. Now, after reading your article I understood well.

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